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C.C. by lovin-my-music C.C. :iconlovin-my-music:lovin-my-music 3 0 Naruto Online Photographs 2: Scarlet Blaze by lovin-my-music Naruto Online Photographs 2: Scarlet Blaze :iconlovin-my-music:lovin-my-music 7 3 Naruto Online Photographs 1: Breeze Dancer by lovin-my-music Naruto Online Photographs 1: Breeze Dancer :iconlovin-my-music:lovin-my-music 4 0 I'll take care of you (Parody) by lovin-my-music I'll take care of you (Parody) :iconlovin-my-music:lovin-my-music 8 6 Azure Fang by lovin-my-music Azure Fang :iconlovin-my-music:lovin-my-music 5 0 Azure Fang and Scarlet Blaze by lovin-my-music Azure Fang and Scarlet Blaze :iconlovin-my-music:lovin-my-music 11 4
Naruto Online Fanfiction Ch.2 DLHSB Parody
Chapter 2 - Scary Stories (DLHSB Parody)
The three teenagers were seated on the floor of Midnight's room.
"The other day, I was at the hot springs..." There goes Scarlet again with his peeping escapades.
"What's this all of a sudden?" Midnight asked.
"You know how I found a better spot into the women's section right?" Both Crimson and Midnight waited for Scarlet to continue. "It was around 6 to 7 pm, so there's still a few women left. At the better spot –– not my usual spot okay? –– I peeked into the hole, but there was only one person left in the bathing area. From my view, her body 'till her neck was submerged down the water, so I patiently waited for her to get out of the water. But, after 30 to 40 minutes, she still hasn't gotten up. So I made some weird rustling noises, to get her to go out of the water..." Scarlet paused.
"As soon as she heard the noise, her head swiftly turned... But when she turned..."
"What?! Go on! Stop making dramatic pauses!" Crimson
:iconlovin-my-music:lovin-my-music 2 0
Naruto Online Fanfiction Ch. 1 DLHSB Parody
Chapter 1 - Closet Raid (DLHSB Parody)
"Yo Midnight! How did you pass Team 8's Ninja Exam? I have to retake it in two days... And if I fail again, my mom would take away my allowance for a year." Crimson dropped the dumbbells to the floor, and flexed his sore muscles to evaluate his built. "Need that allowance to buy more protein shake for the weight-lifting competition, ya know?"
Scarlet dropped his magazine from his face, low enough to glance at Crimson. "Is there still any use to asking him, you muscle-head? You'll still probably fail it."
Midnight glared at the two ninjas. He just cleaned out and organized his room, but when Scarlet and Crimson came over, the room was comparable to the training room back in the Academy.
Scarlet brought over his dirty magazines, and left them sprawling open on the floor, displaying disturbing pictures of women he had yet seen. Scarlet also spilt the soda his mom brought up, but it was him who rushed to his bathroom to clean up the mess Scarlet made.
:iconlovin-my-music:lovin-my-music 1 0
Happy Birthday Naruto~ by lovin-my-music Happy Birthday Naruto~ :iconlovin-my-music:lovin-my-music 2 0


:iconshyony: :iconyashin077: :iconrarakh: :iconscroobitz: :iconoceandork: :iconlinglosthappinesxiao: :iconyumetomora: :iconkumatotoro:


Naruto Online Photographs 2: Scarlet Blaze
Scarlet Blaze was bored out and out of his mind because none of his friends have arrived yet. He was hungry, and the people who were in charge of food were taking too long. Azure (who arrived next) took out her camera, and took a photo of her photogenic friend.

I've finally finished the second one! yay!! I am a dummy!  Anyway, this looks different than the first one because I incorporated lineart. The background still sucks, but it looks like the drawing has improved...?
Photograph 1: Breeze Dancer
I do not own the characters! :D

Naruto Online Photographs 1: Breeze Dancer
All 5 friends were having a picnic. Midnight was very tired from training, and without knowing, fell asleep. Feeling the sun at it's highest peak, he woke up to the sight of Breeze Dancer. Not wanting to miss the moment, he grabbed his camera and took a shot of Breeze.

I will be uploading some other fanarts of the remaining 4 characters.
I'm still trying to improve my digital art, so I hope you guys don't mind the amateur coloring/lineart... :( (Sad)
Photograph 2: Scarlet Blaze
I do not own the characters.


Still in the works...
I'm obsessed with Lelouch, C.C., SasuHina, and AsuCaga <3


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